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Ceramica Cleopatra

At Group Ceramica Cleopatra the quality of our tiles is our trademark.

Our expert technicians at our on-site laboratories also conduct stringent testing for water-absorption and resistance to chemicals and shock. Our Control Laboratory Tests ensure that our tiles conform to the International Standard Specifications. Exceeding certain parameters has cemented Ceramica Cleopatra’s reputation as a leader in the local and international arena.

Ceramica Cleopatra Group, a major manufacturer in Egypt with a 68% market share of the Egyptian market and one of the largest private companies operating in Egypt and the Middle East. Ceramica Cleopatra also contributes significantly to the size of exports to the European market.

ADC is the sole distributor of Ceramica Cleopatra Group. With intensive marketing and effective distribution ADC has established Cleopatra Ceramics as a highly demanded brand in the Sudanese market, showing significant growth in market share since 2010.